Waveguide Lighting Ltd, famous for its zero glare end lit rod LED lighting technology, has been granted a new patent for its range of luminaires.

The revolutionary WaveguideTM technology is unique. By directing the light sideways into a solid, cast acrylic rod, all luminaires in the range deliver significant benefits with extremely effective lumen output, efficacy, improved light distribution and low glare. Running the LED at extremely low drive currents also generates very little heat at the LED/PCB junction, providing high lumen outputs and extended lifetimes due to very effective thermal design.

“I’m delighted to have our application granted; our R+D team has been working very hard over recent years to design a product range with real end-user advantages and it is rewarding to learn that our technology is now protected. Many sites across the UK are already benefitting after installing Waveguide products and we are now starting to market our products in a big way – the future is indeed very exciting” – Tom Harrison, Managing Director.

The new patent adds to the already burgeoning intellectual property profile held by the Investx portfolio, designed to give its companies a market leading edge after extensive research and development programmes particularly in the fields of emerging, sustainable technology.


Waveguide Lighting Ltd is a British manufacturer of lighting fittings designed for use both indoors and out, utilising the next generation of LED technology embodied in it’s unique, patented waveguide technology.




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