imageR5UInvestx Ltd has acquired industrial battery charging solutions manufacturer, South West Battery (SWB), for an undisclosed sum. SWB are designers and manufacturers of DC power systems including battery chargers, rectifiers, power supplies, battery charge controllers, monitors and DC/DC converters in ranges from mV to 1000 Volts and from mA to 1000 Amps.


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“We are delighted to become a subsidiary of Investx as we intend to utilise their extensive product development expertise and facilities and ultimately market existing and new product worldwide. Our battery chargers, power supplies and bespoke systems have been supplied to every continent in the world over the past few years and we therefore have an excellent installed base to build upon. We have supplied most of the major utility companies across the globe including water, electricity, telecommunications, gas, oil, rail and aerospace – these are our markets” – George Bastin, former owner who now becomes a consultant to facilitate handover and continuity for existing customers.

”Battery technology is the future and we are pleased to have secured this acquisition as it gives us a foot in the door to new markets which we are very excited about developing”. – Rob Whorrod, Chief Executive, Investx Ltd


Investx Ltd was established to acquire and develop small to medium sized engineering, manufacturing and technology businesses operating within specialised, global niche markets. Growth is achieved via internal development and acquisitions focused on entities with strong fundamentals whose performance can be improved.