Lumenox® Ltd, an Investx portfolio company, has today acquired the assets of MHA Lighting Ltd, a specialist LED lighting manufacturer operating in the light industrial / commercial space. The new company moving forwards will be known as Waveguide Lighting Ltd and will provide a comprehensive range of specialist luminaires to complement the Lumenox® range of hazardous area fittings.

“We are delighted to become a subsidiary of Lumenox® Ltd as it forms the mainstay of the Investx lighting business unit and has an extremely impressive range of explosion protected products due for release next year.  The WaveguideTM product range complements Lumenox® well and we look forward to the new, rebranded launch very soon. Current customers will have their orders fulfilled albeit there will be a slight delay which is inevitable however we estimate this only to be a few days and we will do everything possible to alleviate the situation.  We will be contacting all the previous MHA customers and introducing the new and enhanced operation very soon.”
Tom Harrison, MD, Waveguide Lighting Ltd.

The Lumenox series of luminaires for hazardous and potentially explosive environments has been designed to represent the ultimate in performance, reliability and safety. Thermal consideration and simulations have played a major part in every stage of the design process to ensure years of reliable operation in even the most demanding environments.  All fittings come with LightMeshTM technology for control, management and diagnostics of each fitting.

“Lumenox is a key business in our portfolio moving forwards. Products within the range have world leading characteristics and performance data is absolutely second to none.  The Lumenox development team has done a fantastic job in achieving what many people regard as the leading explosion protected range of lighting ever developed and we’re all very excited about the launch in 2016 especially now that the Waveguide offering will sit alongside.”
Rob Whorrod, Chief Executive, Investx Ltd

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About Waveguide

Light is directed sideways into a solid, cast acrylic rod – this simple approach delivers significant benefits with extremely effective lumen output, efficacy, improved light distribution and low glare. Running the LED at extremely low drive currents also generates very little heat at the LED/PCB junction, providing high lumen outputs and extended lifetimes.
The reflector technology in the lighting system is as vital as the LED itself.  The varying reflector widths and angles allow directions to be incremented in as little as 6° steps.  The light in the rod is internally refracted until being directed at precise beam angles by the reflector, achieving the highest levels of uniformity with ultra-low glare.


WaveguideUsing patented IP,  WaveguideTM is the only known LED manufacturer to shine light sideways into encapsulation.